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It may be possible that you are worried or embarrassed about the poor quality of your English language in the write-up. You do not worry about this thing. Our professional editors are always ready to provide you with proper English language editing. We will now attempt to address some of the most common queries:

Q: Why will I choose a professional?

A: It is because your work needs to be of the right standard. A good English language editing will help achieve this result. Whether you have an academic piece or a work of children’s book, FAZA Editing House will help you produce an error-free document.

Q: What will happen  if English is not my first language?

A: We can assure you that the correct procedure is followed for publishing. With an excellent English language editing skill, we will check that the document reads fluently and is grammatically correct and free of spelling errors.

Q: What will I do with a limited budget?

A: We will offer you an individual quotation once we see your write-up/manuscript. FAZA Editing House will then be able to advise on progress at each stage. If we see that it is going to cost much more than the original budget, we will contact you, and  you will be given the opportunity to downsize your budget and save money. But we””””””””ll suggest you not to compromise the perfect English language editing with anything.

Q: How can FAZA Editing House help me if work is not good enough?

A: If your work is always perfect then there will be no demand for FAZA editors. Authors cannot edit or proofread their own write-ups or manuscripts. No one can be perfect in his/her own writing. So, there is no need to be embarrassed – that is why we are here for you.

Q: How the FAZA editors can help me in writing?

A: Send your document o us. Our experts will guide you in writing.

Q: What can I expect to receive once I have submitted my manuscript to                   the  FAZA Editing House?

A: Work can be tailored to suit individual needs. You can expect to receive a screen-edited document in Microsoft Word. A perfect English language editing will be done. Work will be checked line by line, word by word, sentence by sentence for spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and sentence structure. Revisions can also be undertaken on your wish.

Q: What other services FAZA Editing House have?

A: We also offer some additional services that are: Report preparing, Audio transcription, Typesetting, Formatting, Indexing, Glossaries, Table of contents, Preliminary pages/end matters, and Rewriting & restructuring.

We will continue to guide you until you have reached the publication stage.

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